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Keep Cool in Summer at Korea’s Popular Water Parks!

Aug/07/2018 13:55
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One of the first things people think of when summer comes to mind is fun with water, 

whether it is at a river, a lake, or a beach. 

It's not easy, however, to fully enjoy those activities within an urban area.

 There are Korea's top 5 water parks.

Caribbean Bay, a water park located just outside of Seoul in the city of Yongin, holds the titles of both the first and the largest water park in the country. Caribbean Bay can accommodate up to 20,000 people, and has five themed zones that include indoor pools, outdoor pools, spas, water rides, water slides, and many other amusement facilities.

The most popular attractions at the water park are the exciting wave pool, with waves reaching up to 2.4 meters high, and the Mega Storm, a 355m-long exhilarating water slide that offers an adrenaline rush that you can't get anywhere else. Visitors looking for even more thrills can try out the Aqua Loop, rushing down 90km to end at a 18 meter drop!

Vivaldi Park Ocean World is situated among the beautiful ancient forests of Hongcheon in Gangwon-do. The water park has an Egyptian theme throughout, and contains replicas of the Sphinx, pyramids, obelisks, and other decorative touches.

 The park is divided into Indoor Zone, Wave Pool Zone, Extreme Zone, Dynamic Zone, and the Mega Slide Zone with each section offering amusement of its own. The Indoor Zone has various pools and slides, a jjimjilbang, and a therapy center. In the Extreme Zone, people can experience exciting thrills with waves as high as 2.4m.

Resom Spa Castle (Chunchunhyang) represents one of Korea's best hot spring theme parks, thanks to the widespread fame of its therapeutic Germanium-rich water, which is maintained at 49°C. Located in Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Resom Spa Castle's hot spring facility Chunchunhyang is open all year round.

Looking for a thrill? Try the water park's famous water slides: the exhilarating Master Blaster and the Speed Slide, a thriller-ride that propels you down a three-story water chute in just four seconds. For some fun that's slightly less intense, check the outdoors to enjoy over 20 hot spring water park facilities and open-air pools.

Seorak Waterpia is the most popular destination on the East Coast. With the stunning scenery of Seoraksan Mountain serving as a backdrop, this place offers the latest in water amusement facilities and hot spring water spas.

If you are looking for fun and thrills, check out the water slides and wave pools. Popular rides in this action-packed park include World Alley, a 260m-long water slide with a sharp drop and a 360-degree turn, Torrent River, and Family Raft.

Woongjin Playdoci, a very unique indoor theme park, is located in the metropolitan city of Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do. In addition to having basic pool facilities, Woongjin Playdoci Waterdoci, which is the central area of the venue, includes Kids Zone and diverse entertaining water slides.

 The Spa Zone offers bade pools with a variety of water jet massage options that help ease fatigue and provide health benefits to the skin. Adults and kids alike are bound to get their fill of fun with the seasonal event pools and outdoor Sunny Park during the summer.