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Red Velvet achieve perfect all-kill with 'Power Up'!

Aug/09/2018 10:12
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Red Velvet have achieved a perfect all-kill with their latest track "Power Up"!

The SM Entertainment girl group have taken the music charts by storm once again 

with their new summer release.  "Power Up" from their mini album 'Summer Magic' is

 #1 on all the major real-time and daily music charts.

Also, Red Velvet revealed the way they save the members' name on their phones.

On the August 8 airing of KBS Cool FM's 'Moon Hee Jun's Music Show', 

the DJ asked Seulgi how she saved her members' name on her phone.

Seulgi replied, "The way we save one another's name unified after we attended the North Korea concert."

 She explained that all members saved her name as 'Kang Seonsangnim',  Wendy as 'Son Seonsangnim', 

Joy as 'Park Seonsangnim', Yeri as 'Kim Seonsangnim', and leader Irene as 'Captain Seonsangnim'.

The girls further explained how North Koreans referred to them as 'seonsangnim (teacher)', 

and used the word 'captain' to refer to the leader of the group.

Congrats to Red Velvet and ReVeluv!