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BTS release 'Epiphany' comeback trailer for the new album 'Love Yourself: Answer'

Aug/10/2018 11:49
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BTS dropped the comeback trailer for 'Love Yourself: Answer'.
The comeback trailer titled "Epiphany" features Jin

'Epiphany' is a word that many found unfamiliar, however, it became a worldwide trend on Twitter after BTS released a comeback trailer titled "Epiphany".

A fan pointed out BTS' powerful influence, and tweeted, "I swear, bts really helps a lot of people discover new vocabularies. Me as a student really find that this helps a lot especially for essay writing and speaking. bts is really an epitome of artists who not only 'feed' his stans quality musics but also helps in education."

The oldest member of BTS shows off his angelic vocals in the sentimental ballad portraying one's strong desires to love.

Meanwhile, pre-sales for the album started back on July 17 and BTS is gearing up for their comeback with the repackaged album which is set to release on August 24.